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15 (Thur) Aug – 13 (Fri) Sep 2019
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall & New Town Plaza stores

2 (Mon) – 19 (Thur) Sep 2019
@ Times Square atrium

Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates love and reunion, and the city’super gift selection is a great way to show your appreciation to friends and family. Here are our highlighted items.

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city' super Pastry Mooncake : Trying New Flavour

Try the new Pandan and Peanut Pastry Mooncake; our healthy selection of Walnut, Sesame and Lotus Seed Paste Pastry Mooncake, and Red Date Walnut Pastry Mooncake are also available.

For a Fancy Mid-Autumn: Selected Premium Mooncake Gift Sets

Dashijie’s White Lotus Paste Mooncake with Double Egg Yolks and Olive Seeds  are made using premium ingredients with extreme care and attention. In every 5,000 salted egg yolk, only 1,000 of the creamiest ones are selected. This gift box brings you Chinese tradition at its finest. 

Mid-Autumn Special: Premium Gift Selection

California Mexico Australian Sea Snails
Know any night owls? These plump and briny dried Australian sea snails are perfect for improving liver function and sleep quality. They are also excellent for adding aroma and umami to soups.

Omoriya Premium Mushroom Gift Box
These popular mushrooms from Taiwan are no doubt an excellent addition to the Mid-Autumn gift selection.

Matsutake Noodles Gift Box
Made using matsutake powder and flour, these noodles are a vegetarian favourite. These noodles are also said to be good for the spleen and stomach. Simply place one portion in boiling water for 2 minutes and enjoy!

Ringowork Apple Juice (Mid-Autumn & Moon)
Ringowork apple juice is made with high-quality Aomori apples, and is packed with natural aroma and flavour. No added sugar, water or chemicals. 100% juice and not from concentrate.

Mid-Autumn Festival Cooking Inspirations 

Other umami-filled condiments and products include Wong Chi Kei’s newly launched Sakura Shrimp XO Sauce, Crab Roe Sauce, and Crab Roe YeaYea Noodle Set. The finest hairy crab roe with salted egg yolk and fresh carrot purée are selected to make the Crab Roe Sauce which has a lovely mouthfeel and bursts with umami.

Old But Gold: Gifts for the Elderly

For those with family members who work full time or are pregnant, gift them the Dashijie Supreme Pure Chicken Essence. Made naturally from the essence of Taiwanese free-range chicken, this Chicken Essence can be easily absorbed by the body for a quick recharge. 

Stylish Mid-Autumn Gifts Selection

Gifting is a huge part of the Mid-Autumn Festival tradition. Apart from traditional mooncakes and fruits, city’super has specially selected a few trendy gift sets that are sure to cheer up the whole family!

ROYCE’ Chocoman
Chocolate and white bean paste are covered by an outer layer of chewy dorayaki - a perfect example where traditional Japanese dessert meets chocolate.

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