Australian Chilled M9+ Wagyu Beef Striploin (200g)

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From Australia’s prestigious Wagyu beef, this Striploin has the premium marble score M9+, rich in flavour, extensive marbling, which is evenly distributed. It has a lower melting point giving the signature buttery texture, resulting in a flavoursome eating experience.

The highest grade of Australian Wagyu beef, the "M9" grade, has extremely rich, delicate and even oil blooms. Long-term grain feeding for more than 420 days, the meat is rich in juice and soft in texture. The selected "Tajima" bloodline, which has the best oil flowers among black hair and seeds, is 100% certified by Japanese agricultural and forestry standards. The supply chain is 100% traceable. There are no added hormones and antibiotics, so it can be eaten with confidence.

Recommend to consume within 2 days

Keep refrigerated

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