PRUNOTTO Apricots in Syrup (300g)

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Allow the tender little apricots to ripen on the tree rather than in cold storage, and start the processing immediately after they are freshly picked by hand. Gently cooked and placed in light syrup made just with water and pure cane sugar, the result is luscious fruit bursting with sweet, nutty flavour, an uber- apricot, just like eating the ripe apricots directly from the tree. A perfect complement to savoury foods like pork chops, duck breasts and even roast chicken. You shouldn’t miss the lovely rich syrup too, because of its almond-like flavour, it is great as a sweetener for cocktails!

Keep refrigerated after opening

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PRUNOTTO Apricots in Syrup  (300g)PRUNOTTO Apricots in Syrup  (300g)